Encouraging parents and ministers who are discipling 10-14 year olds

My new favorite Bible…

My new favorite Bible can be found here

As a parent…My boys absolutely love it. The images, the wording, the artistry, the creativity, and mostly the way it makes Jesus come alive through His story are the reasons they ask to listen to it and read it daily. I love this resource as a parent.

As an adult…To be quite honest, listening to this with my boys has changed me personally. Every Old Testament story ties Jesus in at the end. It really has shaped anew in me the holistic affect the story of Jesus had on humanity.

As a MINISTER…I suggest that all ministers who are preachers and communicators invest in this resource. The wording, poetry, description, and creativity of this resource has TRULY helped me to shape my sermons. They say so much in so few words. They also say it in a way that is clear and understandable.

…in fact I am using a lot of the descriptions and wording from their version of the wise man story to help shape my sermon for this Sunday. I know it is a kids resource, but I have always learned from the beginning that if you can teach something to a child, you can teach it to anyone. As someone who has preached to every age for a while now, I know that to be true. So I am very thankful to have invested in a resource that helps me keep my communication clear to anyone who might be listening.


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