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Must See TV…Merry Christmas


They let me preach in BIG church…

I posted last week that my pastor was on a mission trip and I got called in from the bullpen to preach last Sunday. I also told you that I was trying something new with my sermon. Finally, I told you that the sermon’s poetic style was heavily influenced by my kid’s new favorite Bible. I used many quotes from their Wise Men story to frame this sermon up.

You can watch it here:

You can get an MP3 here. You can get the manuscript here.


I first saw this at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Chicago.  I went back to the sound booth and asked how to get it, because my head was going crazy on how I could use it!  At that time it wasn’t available.  Well, imagine my surprise when on one of my favorite blogs I see that it has now come out for only $25.  YES, we will have some spinning wheels this semester in Go Worship!

Narrative Sermon

I am preaching this Sunday in BIG church for our pastor who will be traveling on a mission trip.

I am preparing a NARRATIVE sermon which is not my normal approach.

What is a NARRATIVE sermon? You can find that out here or there.

Typically, a NARRATIVE sermon is written from a first person point of view.  But in our Christmas Sermon Series, we are having monologues before the sermons, so it would be repetitive to do a first person account.  So I am going to borrow from the reflective and poetic heart of a NARRATIVE sermon without doing the first person viewpoint.

The best sermon I have ever heard preached was a NARRATIVE sermon and that is what helped me fall in love with the format.  E.K. Bailey did a narrative on Hosea that truly changed my life and opened my eyes to a whole new way of communication.

I will post a video and manuscript of the sermon soon so you can see how it goes…